Iran Government Faces Human Rights Protests


Iranians protesting at the USA vs Iran World Cup 2022 soccer match.

Myra Oman, Staff Writer

The death of the 22- year- old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini is the cause of Today’s Human rights protests in Iran. 

  On September 16, Mahsa Amini died in police custody,  Three days before her death she was arrested for violating Iran’s strict dress code. She was allegedly wearing her hijab in the wrong way that some of her hair was showing. Iranians are convinced that the police are covering up her death by saying she suffered a heart attack.  

In Iran, there’s a mandatory dress code for women to wear the hijab in public places. Iran’s strict dress code has been enforced since 1979. There has been violence and harassment against women not wearing the hijab.

  After years of Pent- Up Frustrations, Iranians have decided to fight back by protesting for human rights, especially women’s rights. The protests have broken out in many Iranian cities. The outcomes of these protests have led to arrests, and beatings, and at least 450 protestors have been killed. There also have been internet outages to prevent the protestors from seeking help. 

During the USA vs. Iran world cup game, The team players refused to sing their national anthem and stood silent.  

The protests in Iran have been ineffective and made Iran’s government furious which made them get stricter with their country.