Meet the Candidates for Student Elections

Student Elections will be held on Friday, April 7th.

Student Elections will be held on Friday, April 7th.

Dayanara Tinajero and Ella Bisson

Student Election


This Friday, April 7th, University is hosting elections for SGA and class cabinet. Here is a look at all the candidates running.


  Tina Doan – SGA Presidential Candidate


As SGA President, I want to create an environment where students can contribute to their community and be able thrive in organizations and clubs on campus using their passions and talents. Being SGA historian this year and seeing first-hand the work my sister put in last year as President, I understand the time, effort, and dedication needed for this position and I will put my all into being your President. 


Isabel Rodriguez – SGA Presidential Candidate


I have been wanting to run for SGA president since freshman year. I have served many leadership roles here at University including Class President, student athletic trainer, boys volleyball manager, and a 3 year SGA member. My time as Class President has provided me with personal leadership growth and the opportunity to learn from fellow classmates. My goal as President will be to make sure everyone is heard and appreciated.


Thy Le -SGA Vice Presidential Candidate


I want to be your SGA Vice President because I feel like I have the leadership experience needed as I have held many different roles through high school including SCC treasurer and JCC VP. As Vice President, I will work to create an inclusive environment at school and consider everyone’s ideas when making plans.



Sophia Shelton-SGA Vice Presidential Candidate



As SGA Vice President, I hope to make our seniors last year the best possible. Through my experience in SGA the past 3 years, being a member of the Junior Class Cabinet, and my role of Sophomore Class Cabinet Secretary, I know what it takes to make our class as successful as possible.



Tiffany Vu – SGA Secretarial Candidate



My goal as SGA Secretary is to make a more inclusive environment at school for all students. I’ve been in SGA for the last 3 years, our class cabinet for 2 years, and I am currently serving as Secretary for our Junior Class Cabinet. This experience has prepared me for all the responsibility necessary for this position.


Marissa Ritz – SGA Secretarial Candidate


I believe my good organizational skills and my attention to details leadership is what is needed for the position of secretary. I’ve held other secretarial positions in clubs and I’m currently the Junior Class Treasurer so I understand what will be needed of me. My main goal is to unite our school and make SGA and all of our events as fun as possible. 



Aliza Siddiqui – SGA Treasurer Candidate


Responsibility is very important in the role of SGA Treasurer and I believe I have what it takes. As Treasurer, I will work to make sure funding is kept accurate and I will take good care of our budget.




Gladymar Rodriguez – Senior Class Presidential Candidate


I’ve always been inspired by leadership and I would love to have the opportunities to help lead my class. I’ve had leadership experience through dance, been a member of sga, and a member of class cabinets. Through these experiences I’ve gained the leadership and organizational skills that are necessary to be Senior Class President. I want to make the senior class inclusive and make sure everyone enjoys their senior year.


Annabella Downs – Junior Class Presidential Candidate 


I am running for Junior Class President because I want to make next year the best for the class of 2025. Being an ib student, I am prepared in terms of time management and organizational skills. Being apart of SPA also also helped me with holding leadership and being a great communicator.



Isabella Ho – Junior Class Secretarial Candidate


I am running for Junior Class Secretary to make next year as enjoyable as possible. I have been able to be mentored by other leaders in leadership positions so I know what it takes to be successful.



Akshay Ramjisingh – Junior Class Treasurer Candidate


I believe I have the skills necessary to handle the money our class takes in as well as the collaboration skills to work with my team to make sure that money is put to good work. I have a lot of experience in sga, fundraising, organizing events such as crush colonial. I believe this makes me the best person for the job.


Christian Sanders – Sophomore Class Presidential Candidate 


My goal as Sophomore Class President will be to involve the Sophomore Class in the school more and plan an event to contribute to the school. This year I’ve served as Freshman Class President so I understand the responsibility I need to take on. 



Lily Keller – Sophomore Class Secretarial Candidate


I believe I have the organizational skills and responsibility necessary to serve as your Sophomore Class Secretary. I would love to get the Sophomore class more involved through the planning of a school-wide event. I currently serve as the Freshman Class Secretary so I understand the time and effort necessary for this position.