‘It Starts with Us’ is the perfect ending


Colleen Hoover’s newest novel ‘It Starts with Us’ was released October 18th.

Miranda Lucchesse

   Colleen Hoover released a new book on October 18th. It Starts with Us is a sequel to the infamous It Ends with Us. 

   After readers fell in love with Lily’s beautiful story, they just wanted more. It Starts with Us picks up right where the original book leaves off, the story follows the story of Lily Bloom and Atlas Corrigan. After Lily divorces her ex-husband due to domestic abuse, she decides to focus on herself and  daughter. About a year later Lily runs into her childhood lover Atlas Corrigan. After much deliberation and communication, Lily and Atlas decided to give their relationship a chance. 

   While Lily navigates a hard divorce, raising a baby, and running a flower shop she finds Altas to be a staple and fundamental part of her life. Together they decide to navigate the adult world of work, love, and raising a family.

   Throughout It Starts with Us readers getting to see the inside views of Lily and Atlas’s childhood romance. But from the compelling and real perspective of Atlas. In the original book It Ends with Us seeing their romance through the eyes of main character and protagonist Lily, while It Starts with Us showing their love through Atlas’ perspective revealing the truth of his situation and deep seeded love for her.

   It Starts with Us is a well written sequel that gives any hopeless romantic the idea that a perfect ending in possible in a truly compelling and tragic story. While reading It Starts with Us I found myself laughing from the modern terminology and references that author Colleen Hoover uses such as the popular social media app TikTok. I also found myself crying because of how beautiful and pure their story together truly is.