‘Midnights’ proves Taylor Swift to be a Mastermind


Ella Bisson, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift did it again! She released her highly anticipated 10th studio album, entitled Midnights, on October 21st plus a 3am surprise for fans including 7 additional songs. This album has broken record after record, so it’s fair to say fans loved it. She is the first artist to ever claim all ten spots on the Billboard Hot 100 in a single week. 

The album was marketed as a collection of 13 sleepless nights. With no single to listen to before the album’s release, fans had no idea what kind of sound to expect. Swift pulled from different times in her life which made it all the more personal and honest. She gave fans insight into her life more than ever before, going deeper and darker into her romantic life, her insecurities, and her emotions as a whole.

Initially, the album didn’t live up to my expectations but after the first listen, the lyrics really set in and it’s been on repeat ever since. This album pulls some of the best elements from her albums Lover and Reputation. I really enjoyed how she went beyond the surface level, providing fans with lyrics they can really relate to. Not everyone is a famous pop star but many can relate to the feeling of being in love, feeling insecure about your body, or feeling like they are the problem. The music video she released for Anti-Hero, the song inspired by her nightmares, covers these themes perfectly, letting her fans know she isn’t perfect and it’s okay to have these struggles.

Songs such as Lavender Haze, Anti-Hero, Karma, Sweet Nothings, Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve and You Are On Your Own, Kid are among my favorites on the album. Each of these songs have a unique sound which makes the album all the more fun to listen to. Taylor’s track fives are known to be the most vulnerable on the album and You Are On Your Own, Kid did not disappoint. This song provides some of her most intimate and brutal lyrics as she sings about her path navigating fame, love, and the people she has lost and gained along the way.

Overall, this album has quickly become one of Swift’s top albums on my list. The versatile sound tied together with the deep and personal lyrics make this album so beautiful. I can see this album becoming a fan favorite that is raved about for years to come. If you haven’t listened already, you should!