Crush Colonial Creates Chaos


Miranda Lucchesse

On October 27th, University High School attempted to host their annual boot game against rival school Colonial High school, but was rescheduled due to inclimate weather. 

    The week leading up to this game the student government association of both schools compete in a fundraising competition to see which school can raise the most money for a charitable cause. While ultimately the game last Thursday was postponed due to inclimate weather, the general mood of the crowds beforehand were a negative distraction from what should have been a fun rivalry against another school. “The actions of the student body do not directly reflect on SGA. We did what we were supposed to do to prepare for the game and raise money for a charitable cause,” said SGA secretary Mia Aberg.

   The tension started with a severe weather warning, known as a 30/30, before the game. Since the school was under a 30/30 the parking became backed up along Eastwood. The traffic  caused frustration for parents and faculty, ultimately resulting in confrontational behavior from parents and students.“When we went on the 30/30 lock down, which shuts down the whole campus, so there were cars backed down down Eastwood. We decided to take the students helping with parking to the band room while I informed parents and students that we were on a lock down, which ultimately put everyone in a bad mood,” said Agriculture and Veterinary teacher Melinda Curren.

   As students and parents huddled around the stadium seeking shelter from the storm, guests were stuck in close confinement which ultimately put everyone in a negative mood. As the evening continued, fighting took place and some visiting students wandered into places on campus where they should not have been.  “A small percentage of the students from both schools got a little crazy when the game was delayed. A few students came on campus which is wrong. We took this very seriously and had the deputies check the school,” said SRO Deputy Robert Kelly.

   In the series of events that happened that night, including students trespassing in areas that were not permitted for Crush Colonial attendees. People associated with Colonial High School entered the University campus through areas that were off limits for students not participating in band or theater. “Unfortunately we did not get to make it to the game due to the events of the night. However, we went to our car and noticed a vehicle approaching the dock, and as soon as the car was able to approach the dock three people in all black approached the school and tried to enter through the band hallways and theater doors,” said senior Adam Morales.

   The events that happened prior and during this game posed danger for students and faculty. University high school and Colonial High School have had a rivalry for an extended period that was made based on school spirit. As motives for this rivalry shift and become malicious, the fundamental meaning for these games diminished. “I don’t think that there is room for violence on any school campus. I think it is unfortunate that some decide to make it a negative event for others. I think it’s important for us to remember that 99 percent of our kids are doing the right thing alone with their parents,” said principal Thomas Ott.