Spring Orchestra Concert Ends Season on a High Note


Orchestra Director, Ms. Lisa Coyne, ends the concert with members bowing for the audience.

Miranda Luccesse, Editor

On May 3, UHS’ orchestra classes hosted their annual orchestra concert. The orchestra concert is composed of all branches of the orchestra divisions in their showcase, which presented various songs such as Bold Venture, Dreamin, and American Reel, from various classical writers and conducted by the orchestra director, Ms. Lisa Coyne.

Overall, the concert was a success for musicians and the orchestra program. The musicians were able to exhibit their skills and talents that they have developed over this year. “It was a bit stressful as many of the kids were absent so people from other orchestras had to fill in but other than that, it was rather smooth,” said freshman Michelle Hernandez.

The orchestra program has shown a vast improvement in only four years of being in practice. Many members believe this is due to the upcoming orchestra teacher Ms. Coyne. The members’ scores in MPA have clearly shown their improvement
over these years. “I do believe we improved a lot this year, and there is evidence reflecting this the score was extremely different between pre-MPA and MPA, with an extreme improvement in overall scores,“ said junior Ariel Carrion.

Many orchestra members have enjoyed their experience thus far in the program and believe that they are growing and achieving as a union. Most are planning on returning to the program to develop their skills further under the guidance of Ms. Coyne. “Ms. Coyne has always taught us to really push ourselves while making it very fun for musicians. I plan on doing my last orchestra although it is a little sad. I’m excited to end this great program,” said junior Naishka Torres.

Members who were in the program for all four years are sad to say goodbye to this program in which they have grown in and developed relationships with their peers. “The program has definitely been an opportunity for me to find people who want to develop their skills as well as play music. It’s very exciting to be the first graduating class because I get to see how much the program is flourishing and how I was able to contribute to it,” said senior Tiffany Wilkins.