In Space with Markiplier is Out of this World


Kelly Tran, Copy Editor

Markiplier’s sci-fi-themed project, In Space With Markiplier, is a thrilling Choose Your Own Adventure-styled YouTube Originals series. The series comes in two parts; the first part was released on April 4 and the second will be released on May 2.

Viewers assume the role of the Captain of the Invincible II, Markiplier’s spacecraft. The Captain is hired to take their crew and colonists to a new, habitable planet outside the solar system to start a colony there.

In part one, while on their flight, the Invincible II’s systems malfunction, forcing the Captain to choose how to save their spacecraft and everyone on board with help from Markiplier and the crew. However, with every choice they make, they inadvertently make their situation worse, opening a wormhole that creates a paradox and resets the universe. While it is unknown what part two will be about, it is likely to involve the Captain trying to resolve this paradox and restore every universe from said paradox.

This project was a step up from Markiplier’s previous adventure-styled series, A Date With Markiplier and A Heist With Markiplier, which are already compelling series. His signature storytelling style allows viewers to immerse themselves into the space adventure and interact with him and the Invincible II crew. To set the story’s humor, easter eggs and running gags, like the appearances of Markiplier’s alter ego, Warfstache, and the choices to allow the Captain to throw themself off the spacecraft, are present.

The staple of the story was the characters teaching the Captain the lesson of making wise choices. Although they can choose whether to obey or defy this lesson, their choices lead to vastly different results, which were quite amusing.

Ultimately, In Space With Markiplier will keep people addicted for hours with its witty humor, tributes to other Markiplier references, and creative storytelling.