SGA Students Create Mural that Promotes Unity


The mural that is being painted by SGA members is expected to be finished by the end of April.

Andy Avila

SGA is in the process of creating a mural illustrating a woman holding the world symbolizing unity.


   The mural is located in the building 14 hallway leading to building 25. “The purpose of the mural is to unite our student body through art, while allowing students to come together to create this mural as they allow their creative juices to flow,” said SGA sponsor Ms. Lindsey Buck.

   The SGA members hoping to create art that will brighten students’ day as they walk by it and encourage unity, which is the overall theme of the mural. “I want this event to happen because we are trying to close up the year with a project that will have a lasting effect on our current student population as well as our future student body population,” said Buck.

   Work on the mural started on March 27th and should be completed by the end of April. Currently there are six members of SGA working on the piece.  “I’m glad that I have the opportunity to expand my creativity outside of what I paint for just myself and that I’m trusted with something that is this huge. I get to have mostly full creative control over this project that I hope resonates with the student body,” said senior Corales Delerme.

   The mural was a group decision made by the SGA members that has been forming since the beginning of the year. “I had been brainstorming the mural ever since the beginning of the school year so we all contributed bits and pieces over time to help create this opportunity of student unity and create this work of art,” said Delerme.