UHS Dance Team Places Second in Battle of the Eastside


University Dance Team took second place in Battle of Eastside.

Pamela Almonte

On February 17th, University High School hosted their annual dance competition, “Battle of the Eastside”.
The University team came in second place and the girls were very happy with their result. “The event was amazing. It was to remember for my first time and for some of the girls as well. We not only put our heart and hard work in, but we also got to see the other teams and their amazing work. Also, being able to be there to support them but also seeing other schools supporting us as a team. It was a nice community of dancers,” said dance captain senior Wennie Zhang.
Located at the University High School Gymnasium, and featuring performances from Timber Creek, Colonial, East River, and University. dance teams across OCPS have looked forward to “The Battle of the Eastside”  that the UHS team has hosted for the past six years. “I’m very excited to be able to perform in the showcase while we’ve been working so hard on it,” said freshman Zaneta Barker.
The team, sponsored by Mr. Percy Ritchie, began practicing in the fall and have performed in two of the SGA sponsored pep rallies.“We practiced at least everyday after school and it helps us because we manage to finish dances and get positions since our competition is coming up,”said junior Zhaira Reyes.
Timber Creek came in first place, Colonial came in third place, and East River took home fourth place.