Senior Event Prices Rise as Costs Increase


Senior from local high schools attend Universal for their end of the year celebration, Grad Bash.

Ella Bisson and Myra Oman

The price of Grad Bash and prom have increased compared to last year causing concern among many seniors who are planning to attend the events. When Grad Bash tickets were first listed, they were $25 more than the year prior and prom tickets increased from $75-85 to $90.
Before the prices were lowered, Senior Class Cabinet was selling Grad Bash tickets for $150. On Universal’s website, the regular Grad Bash package that UHS has purchased is listed as $89 per student with no meal tickets included. The other half of the student’s purchase goes towards paying for the buses. All buses, especially charter buses, have become increasingly more expensive due to a shortage of bus drivers. “Last year we had a school bus that we could use as one of our buses and drivers, lowering the cost,” said Ms. Deborah Weaver, the Senior Class Cabinet sponsor. This coupled with the rise in buses is the main reason for the rise in ticket prices for students.
Last week, the Senior Class Cabinet decided to lower the prices back down to last year’s cost $125. “Originally we made the price $150 to ensure we’d have enough money to go since because we didn’t think as many kids would be interested in going, but now that we have enough students going we lowered the price to make it more accessible and people who paid already will get $25 back,” said SCC treasurer Bianca Ramos.
Likewise, the price increase for prom tickets can be explained by price increases associated with  hotel and food costs. This year JCC has reserved a larger, more expensive ballroom to make sure students have room to dance and have fun throughout the night. The food vendor has also increased their prices, resulting in it being slightly more expensive than last year. “Although we are using the same venue as last year, the venue is more expensive this year so that is why this year’s price is $90. They also raised their food prices to $5 per person,” said JCC president Isabel Rodriguez.