UHS Celebrates Culture with ASA Night


Seniors Sahil Patel, Siya Patel, and Ansh Shah perform a traditional dance for ASA night.

Jadon Ware

   On February 10th, University High School held ASA night, a commemoration of cultures and a chance for all in attendance to indulge in the celebration and learn more about different regions.

   Several student performances were showcased from students from UHS and the community “Getting on stage was exciting, but I was also shy because because I was singing something of my culture to an audience, I had to make sure I didn’t voice crack during the high pitch sections,” said junior Abel Matthew.

   ASA night was sponsored by Ms. Missy Juergens and the officers of Asian Student Association and it  offered the opportunity for students to put their mark on the school with the culture they wish to represent. “ASA has been an integral part of UHS for over 10 years now and this was an annual event we hold to showcase our culture and talent to the UHS community and beyond. I feel like I have done my part and my duty as president of such a big club and to their family and friends” said ASA president Siya Patel.

  The night welcomed those of all demographics and gave the audience the chance to learn more about the culture of this region. “The performances were actually pretty good, they performed lion dances, they sang different songs from their cultures, they had a beautiful array of instruments such as pianos and guitars, something that really stood out from the performance was the audiences overwhelming love and support, everybody loved it. I would for sure go again if given the chance,” said junior Eric Rosario.

    For many students, this was their first time attending one of these events, and it seemed to be a great introduction to the diversity involved.   “It was a very positive experience, all of the performances seemed like they were very well rehearsed,” said sophomore Camilla Castillo Rivera.