Broadway Comes to the Screen with Netflix’s Matilda the Musical


Press release photo of Netflix’s Matilda.

Miranda Lucchesse

A new adaptation of Matilda the Musical was released on December 2nd 2022, this movie is available on popular streaming service Netflix.
The new Matilda movie, unlike the original produced in 1996 the new movie is presented in musical form similar to the Broadway musical “Matilda”. The Netflix adaptation follows the life of young protagonist Matilda Wormwood played by Alisha Weir.
Matilda, daughter of Mr.Wormwood and Mrs Wormwood, played by Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough, believed she was born into the wrong family. Matilda struggled with her sense of belonging since her ideals didn’t meet the expectation of her parents. This resulted in her parents unjustly believing that she was a problem child needing to be helped. Matilda’s parents decided to send her to a private school for naughty children.
Matilda’s new school was run by headmaster Miss Trunchbull played by Emma Thompson, Miss Trunchbull was known for being strict, unlawful, and ultimately abused her power towards students. The only refuge in the school was in primary teacher Miss Honey’s classroom played by Lashana Lynch. Through Matilda’s hard journey at a new school she realized she had a gift of telepathy, the ability to move things with her mind.
Matilda is a good movie for preteens everywhere, the movie preferences on doing the right thing and the fair thing. Often throughout the movie Matilda would refer to people as “cheats” and bring light to things that may not be fair for others and only benefited one person. This movie however is not for adults or teens. The plot was minimal and there was a lot of singing and dances that overall didn’t help move along the plot. To viewers that are not younger or avid musical lovers may find it hard to get through.
Overall the acting in the movie was compelling. All actors delivered their part convincingly and compassionately. The music composed by Tim Minchin and Christopher Nightingale was accurately adapted to fit modern musicals while keeping the integrity of the original musical. And the choreography by Ellen Kane was nothing short of excellent.