You is Back for its 4th (and hopefully last) Season


Ella Bisson, Staff Writer

The first part of You Season 4 came out February 9th and the show has taken a dramatic turn in plot. In this season, instead of Joe Goldberg doing the stalking, another mystery person is stalking him. 

If you have not seen the previous seasons, be aware that this review has spoilers! Season 3 left off with Joe faking his death, murdering his wife, and searching for his love interest, Marianne, who has run away from him in Paris. Season 4, however, kicks off in London with Joe under the identity of Jonathon Moore, a literary professor. Everything is going well until he goes out with his neighbor and colleague to party with his elite friends and after a night of drinking, finds his new friend dead on his kitchen table. 

Joe “takes care of business” even though he has no recollection of this murder but after being sent a series of anonymous texts, he finds he was supposed to be framed for the murder. This new stalker has now made it his mission to find out who “Jonathon Moore” really is. 

This season is definitely different from the others so far, with Joe being painted as a sort of detective in a ‘whodunnit’ type story. There is an entirely new cast of pretty unlikable characters, but that seems to be the point. Although I found the season enjoyable to watch, it didn’t feel like it was even the same show I have watched for 3 seasons. While trying to navigate the repetitiveness of this show’s premise, the writers missed the mark when changing the plot as it has now lost the elements audiences loved. Not to mention, the new stalker was very predictable and the reveal at the end of episode 5 was lackluster at best. Penn Badgley is a fantastic actor and does a great job at portraying the complex character of Joe Goldberg and that is really the only thing that keeps me watching the show. 

The show now is just a rollercoaster of plot twists at every turn. If you want to always be on your toes about what happens next I would say this season is still worth the watch but if you dislike the concept of murder mysteries I would skip it entirely. One can only hope that the second part of season 4 that comes out March 9th is less predictable and goes back to the original thrill it gave to the audience in past seasons.