UHS Deploys Their Silver and Golden Ticket Policy


Juniors and seniors are required to have their Golden Tickets signed before February 24th.

Jadon Ware

  University High School has employed a new system called the Silver and Golden Ticket which has requirements for students to meet in order to attend later school events. 

     The form to apply for the tickets can be found in the Guidance/Attendance office. Students will need to receive multiple signatures from several staffulty under each category of academic achievement in order to be able to attend their school events. The events include Prom, Grad Bash, and the Senior Olympics.

     The new ticket system is set in place so students who achieve at least the minimum expectations for academic and social behaviors can attend privileges, however it should be noted that it is not meant to be a disciplinary act. “Students have minimum expectations to meet, and students should meet those minimum expectations before they are really allowed to interact with the privileges that are attached to the golden ticket,” said Principal Tom Ott.

     One of the specific requirements seniors have to get their golden ticket is completing their FAFSA, as a push to get seniors to explore their college options. “We found that too many students were not pursuing a bright futures application or even completing their FAFSA to see what they could get when they are done with highschool, and once we force the issue with this process they see that they can get a financial award or can qualify for other things and that changes the equation as to what they think is available to them after high school,” said Ott.

     Many students have recently come to the realization that they truly needed to get the silver or golden tickets in order to attend certain events. Now students are scrambling to complete it as the time winds down. “I honestly completely forgot about having to get the tickets, I was only just reminded recently. I’m trying to get all my signatures for it,” said junior Christian Merejo.

  While most students are pushing towards getting their ticket, some do not have the same interest in attending the events associated with it. “I heard about the golden tickets, but I don’t really think I’m going to stuff like prom or grad bash, so I don’t think I’m going to apply for the ticket. I don’t think I meet the requirements anyway,” said senior Yvensley Gelin.