SGA’s Field Day Promotes Inclusivity


SGA members, seniors Keten Abebe and Vivian Loud participate in a game during the field day they hosted for ESE students.

Miranda Lucchesse, Editor

   SGA hosted a field day for ESE students that offered games and various team building activities.

     The field day had multiple stations in which SGA and ESE students worked together through various obstacles.

     ESE teachers are excited at the prospect of bringing back group activities for both student bodies, as this was done in the past. ESE teachers believe it is exciting and a good learning curve for both sets of students and overall a great experience for all. According to ESE teacher Ms. Tiffany McGowan, the event gave general students the opportunity to understand how to work with people with disabilities, which is important because they will be doing it their whole lives. “And it’s important that our self-contained ESE students get to interact with others,” said ESE teacher Jessica Trinh.

     Because many ESE students spend the school day in contained classrooms, it is important for them to find other ways to interact with the general student population.  Allowing both students to have communication experiences with each other helps to teach equality and inclusion. “I would say it is important because it shows inclusivity. It helps show that we are all part of the school even though we don’t see them as much. It helps make them feel like it is part of a team and that they can have fun too,” said sophomore Anaya Alpizar.

     Returning SGA members are excited and support the idea of continuing future ESE activities. SGA members are planning on continuing inclusive activities for everyone. “It is fun and really exciting to see their faces while playing with others. It is important to do activities like this because it allows everyone to interact and have fun with each other. As future seniors, we definitely plan on doing something similar next year,” said junior Isabel Rodrigez.

   The field day was hosted on Thursday January, 26th during 6th and 7th period.