Prism Showcases UHS Talent


Students from the dance magnet perform during Prism.

Cricket Wainman

University High School hosted its annual Prism concert on December 10th at 7:00 p.m.  The event was held in the Performing Arts Center with the ticket sale profits going towards the Patrick F. Culler scholarships. 

   Prism is an annual tradition that UHS holds, where students in the Performing Arts Program work together to put on a show for the faculty, families of students, and the rest of the community. The concert is a culmination of performances by band, chorus, dance, drama, and orchestra. The theme surrounded the holidays and featured festive holiday songs like Carol of the Bells, Hallelujah, Holy Night, and some of the songs had a modern spin on them, making them rock style. 

   This concert put everyone into the festive mood for the holidays and gave the students a much needed break from state testing. “I’m so grateful to have been chosen for this and I’m so excited to perform at Prism. I’m thrilled to find out what I’m going to wear and excited to sing Hallelujah and Holy Night for alumni of University High School, said freshman Hannah Weimer. 

   The Performing Arts Department always puts on performances that are a pleasure to watch and experience firsthand; therefore it was to no surprise that this year’s Prism concert knocked it out of the park and exceeded expectations. “We played for the entire orchestra, including the Carol of the Bells  theme but the rock version. I think the concert went well, even if there were some scares or hiccups.” said junior Jayden Andino. “The whole orchestra was a part of the concert, so that was the hardest part of practicing, finding out who can play what songs and making it all come together,” Andino explained. 

   The dance team spent months preparing for their personal team dance concert and they further performed their same routine during Prism. “We danced to a piece from our Alice in Wonderland show, specifically the battle piece where it’s the Red Queen versus the White Queen. I think the performance went wel. It was such an exciting and thrilling performance to do,” said Junior Sonia Cotte.