JROTC Wishes the Marine Corps a Happy Birthday


UHS JROTC members stand around a birthday cake commemorating the United States Marine Corps’ 247th birthday.

Miranda Lucchesse, Editor

On Thursday December 1st, JROTC hosted their annual Marine Corps ball celebrating the 247th birthday of the Marine corps, honoring their service and dedication to their nation.

The ball itself is very formal, with a strict dress code for guests to be able to attend. “The women are allowed to wear gowns, and the men have to wear suits and ties. The reason why I like the Marine Corps ball is because I get to see everybody that I’m friends with dress up and have a good time with them.” said freshman Eliana Reano

Due to the inclimate weather conditions from Hurricane Nicole, the ball was rescheduled several times before successfully being held, with venue scheduling problems along the way. “Planning the event was overall really stressful, due to the hurricane we had to reschedule the ball to a later date. Unfortunately the venue overbooked themselves and that resulted in another date change causing slight confusion among the members and staff.” said senior Daniel Vu.

Despite the scheduling confusion, the overall consensus from members was really positive with the majority of the members having a really great time and comparing it to homecoming. “I really enjoyed the Marine ball. This was my first experience at a dance and I really liked the music and dancing. I believe that this ball is comparable to homecoming from what I have heard from my peers.” said freshman Andrew Vu.