UHS Crushes Colonial and Brings Home the Boot

After facing cancellations with weather in their first Crush Colonial attempt on October 27th, University overcame all obstacles, won the Crush Colonial game and brought home the boot. 

      Recent spirit week activities raised student participation more due to the latest trends in SGA’s planned spirit week. “We looked into what the general population of our school likes and we got a lot of our inspiration from tiktok. We also looked at what’s doable for students since we know  a lot of students can’t go all out,” said junior Ina Rosalind, an SGA member who helped plan spirit week.

      For the price of $1, SGA offered students to pie the administration’s face, dunk them in water, squirt SGA officers with a water gun, and put their friends in the classic jail bail. From the fundraising, UHS raised $2,963 in donations for the Breast Cancer Foundation of Central Florida, beating Colonial both on and off the field.  “Colonial and UHS SGA compete against each other to see who can raise the most donations. If we win, at the game we paint Colonial’s SGA officers in blue and gold and make them wear our merch. If they raise more they would do the same to us except in Colonial colors,” said senior Mia Aberg.    

      Senior Night and Pink Out were also the same night as the Crush Colonial, which raised the overall turnout. University school spirit was heightened seeing the ending score of 34-0 and attendees left excited with hope for the future of UHS football. “It feels really good taking back the boot after 5 years. I’m proud of our players and coaches working really hard and winning was sort of like a validation for their hard work. It’s important to win a rivalry game for the community, so it’s something we took pride in,” said Coach Mark Barrett.