Varsity Volleyball Wins Pink Game


Freshman Dariana Roman Molina hits the ball in the Girls Freshman Volleyball game against Lake Buena Vista High School.

Dayanara Tinajero, Staff Writer

The Varsity Volleyball team beat Colonial High School at the District quarter finals this week 3-0. The team has experienced a strong season with a 6-7 record. The varsity team spent the season improving their communication skills and preparing for the competition. “The team is working very well together, everyone is open to corrections, learning new things, and is patient with others,” said senior Maggie Turner.

The freshman team has also had a strong season with five wins and no losses. “After the last game I couldn’t believe it and the feeling I got from realizing we were undefeated was surreal,” said freshman Jazzmin Velazquez.

JV struggled with a season of 1-8, and Coach Belinda Guzman has been focusing on building on the team’s strengths. “Even though I don’t have volleyball players that play club, they have good chemistry and are good at playing as a team,” said Guzman.

The varsity team was excited about winning the Pink Game, which is a game against school rival, Colonial High School. “We saw a nice ending to our seasonal events like Senior Night on the 11th and the Pink Game on the 17th. They were both home so that was great for getting support, especially against Colonial,” said Coach Guzman