Hurricane Ian Causes Catastrophic Flooding in Central Florida

Pamela Almonte, Staff Writer

September 28, Florida residents faced a harrowing night as wind, rain and storm surge from Hurricane Ian hit Central Florida. More than a foot of rainfall from Hurricane Ian flooded lakes throughout Central Florida, sending water into Orlando and Kissimmee area homes. Many people lost their homes over the catastrophic flooding and in some counties schools were closed temporarily due to flooding and damage.

Ian is among the most powerful hurricanes to strike the United States in decades causing damage such as flooding, debris, broken trees, and closed roads. During the hurricane, approximately 2.6 million people were left without power. Over 40,000 line workers and power workers have been mobilized, ready to work to help get power back on to the communities hit.

Around Central Florida, some roadways have been closed because of trees, flooding and other types of debris. Disaster responders brought in heavy equipment and chainsaws and are helping clear trees and other debris from roadways, but some roadways are still closed because of flooding or water damage.

Helicopters and firefighters rescued people from their flooded homes and many were sent to stay in local shelters. Many schools and communities are helping those who have been displaced from their homes by providing food, water, supplies, clothing, temporary housing and medical care.

Rescue efforts continue in the aftermath of the hurricane have been rescuing over 1,600 people but at least 42 people in central Florida have been reported dead due to flooding