Let’s have Water Instead of Milk for Lunch


Aeris Ferreras Valerio, Staff Writer

Is milk the best option to give to the students with their lunch?

Many of the students in high school do not drink the milk provided with their lunch, instead they throw it away and then feel thirsty the rest of the school day.

The only time the milk is utilized in the cafeteria is when students do not have access to breakfast and use it for cereal that is offered by the school. The milk that is given with lunch is just producing unnecessary waste because they are providing students with a beverage that doesn’t satisfy their needs. Entering into the cafeteria, you will see students throwing out their milk and other items they do not like. Cafeteria ladies force students to get a milk and fruit, which is usually wasted due to the fact students simply do not want it, which causes an unnecessary amount of waste which could be used for other people.

That’s why water is a better alternative. By giving this to students, or offering water with lunch and milk for breakfast, there
will be less waste. Yes,there are water fountains, but most of the students don’t like them because the fountains at school tend to seem unsanitary. This is often because the fountains have trash inside of it and the taste of the water doesn’t taste as it should. “I don’t like drinking the school water because it is gross. I only drink it if I really need to, sometimes I rather wait till I get home but every time I drink that nasty water it always tastes like metal,” said freshman Jayden Rodriguez. By offering water for lunch, the students will waste less and be better hydrated.