New Abortion Laws are Unconstitutional


Governor Ron DeSantis signs Florida’s new abortion law into effect.

Connor Sladick, Staff Writer

Many states across the U.S. such as Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma have or are planning on placing abortion laws, which leaves pregnant women throughout the country at a disadvantage. Abortion laws are a problem around the U.S. because they take away the choice to have an abortion in the event a woman may decide she isn’t ready to follow through with the pregnancy.

  The Texas abortion law bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected at around six weeks. The Oklahoma abortion law will make abortions illegal in the state, unless the pregnant womans life is in danger. 

The newly placed Florida abortion law, which is modeled after the Mississippi abortion law, bans all abortions after fifteen weeks of pregnancy unless the pregnant person is in “serious risk,” or there is a fatal fetal abnormality. Governor Ron DeSantis signed this law on April 14 to be put into place on July 1, but many Floridians are questioning its constitutionality due to its contradiction with the Roe v. Wade case, where in its decision stated the government cannot restrict a woman’s right to have an abortion. This law is under review of the Supreme Court and could face legal challenges.

The pregnant woman would be in a tough situation with these laws. If she wants to get an abortion, she may have to travel a long way to find a provider, an option that is not a reality for many working and underprivileged women. 

The laws also don’t make exceptions for rape or incest. Even if pregnancy wasn’t a person’s choice, they will still not be able to have an abortion and will be forced to carry the fetus to term..

Many states in the U.S. are planning on putting these laws into place, which will almost completely remove the option to get an abortion. 

The people of this country need to stand up against these laws and make it known what they want. There are still states that don’t have abortion laws and the community needs to make sure they can maintain a safe place to go if they want an abortion.