Boys Tennis Team Struggles After Promising Start to the Season


Junior Minh Tran prepares for his return volley.

Jadon Ware

 The boys tennis season ended on April 6th, with a disappointing end to the season. After beginning the season with a 7-3 record, the team went on a 5 game slide, ending the season with a 7-8 record.

  The latter half of the season introduced more competitive teams, leading to more losses than the team experienced in the beginning of the season. “There was a push to improve mid season in preparation for Districts, but our latter half of the season was against the stronger schools which killed us,” said #1 seed junior Minh Tran.

   While the second half of the season wasn’t what they expected, the team feels that there is room for improvement for next season. “No disappointment. We did as best we could as UHS can expect, there’s definitely room to grow,” said Tran.

   The strength of schedule was a great challenge for the team, which is in part the reason for the slide. “The boys team had a strong year with 5 seniors. Unfortunately, several of our district opponents (West Orange, Boone, Timber Creek) also had great boys squads this year.Schedule at the end of the season had some of the best boys’ teams in the area with us playing East River, Bishop Moore and Timber Creek. When you play the best, expect to lose some and sometimes all depending on who’s here to play and who the opponent is.For next season, we will need some new blood with seniors exiting and those on the team currently will probably play higher on the team lineup or seeding,” said Coach Andy Centoducati.