Grant Buehrmann Breaks School Record


Miranda Lucchesse, Editor

On April 3, senior Grant Buehrmann broke the 1600 meter school record with a mile time of 4:30. 

Buehrmann broke the record at the Bols Mile track meet hosted in Jacksonville, Florida. The meet is dedicated to only the mile event, in which 219 kids participated in the crowded event, with about 25 runners per heat. The preparation that goes into events like this is nothing short of challenging. Runners dedicate extensive hours to their sport and are very excited when they have a successful outcome. “It feels nice to break the record I have been working towards for four years. I run 6 days a week, including 2 easy runs, 2 workout days, and 2 long days. I also usually have a race every Saturday,” said Buehrmann.

Buehrmann placed 15th overall in the event out of 219 runners, putting him in the top ten percent of runners that attend this event. Buehrmann has committed to Flagler college in the fall, where he will be running track and cross country competitively.