Girls Tennis Looks for More Wins


Sophomore Sylvia Smith prepares to volley the ball back to her Oak Ridge opponent.

Alyssia Ibanez

   The Girls Tennis Team won against Oak Ridge 5-1, but have struggled against other opponents such as State champs Lake Nona, Cypress Creek, and Boone leaving their record so far this season 1-3 with 7 games left in the season. 

   Expectations are high for the team as there are many new players. “We play on Thursday at Blanchard Park against Wekiva HS. I expect a team win if we show up,” said coach Centoducati. “The new players still need to find their role on the team and improve their tennis game and come to practice as much as possible.”

   The athletes are expected to come to practice each day, but some have struggled to keep up with that schedule. “As a team, I think what we need to improve on is our communication. Because we don’t have a lot of girls, coming to practice is important,” said junior Alanna Land.

   As the season progresses, the girls hope to improve their record. “Overall what I expect from the team is to show up and win. Our team is very competitive and very talented, so we will work extra hard to get everything we need to win,” said junior Deena Chavda.