JV Baseball Spring Season has a Rough Start


Sophomore Sebastian Montanez prepares to bat against Hagerty High School.

   The JV Baseball team is having a rough start to the season with a current record of 0-2. The team’s first game began with an unfortunate loss of 0-10 against Hagerty High School.

   Coach Mike Rummel is working with the athletes to help make his team successful and prepare them better for the upcoming games. “We practice every day basically hitting, throwing, running, catching the ball,” said Rummel. 

   This is only the beginning for the JV baseball team, improving their attention on the field and communication will help them this season. “Our focus needs to shift to the play, such as our fielding, pitching, our defense, and communication between one another,” said sophomore Sebastian Montanez.

   Improving as a team also means working on themselves. “I am also working on my own faults, trying to improve my arm in height and distance,” said junior Isaac Carreno.

   The JV baseball team is not giving up and ready to take the next step. “Now we need to work on our offense and contact mainly,” said sophomore Jesus Moll.