UHS Boys Tennis Team is Off to a Solid Start


Junior Minh Tran returns that volley to his Oakridge opponent

Jadon Ware

 The Boys Varsity Tennis team is off to a fair start this season, with a 3-2 record including 3 blowout wins, all having a score of 7-0 in UHS’ favor. 

  The boys tennis team has had a very on and off season, with both losses being 1-6 and 0-7, while all three of their wins they have forced shutouts to the opposing team, beating them all 7-0.

   They played their most recent match on March 2nd at Blanchard Park against Wekiva High School, beating them 7-0 in a massive victory, with the #1 seeded player (Minh Tran) beating Wekiva’s #1 player by a score of 8-0. “Once I got a 2-0 lead, I knew that the match was probably going to be pretty easy,” said Tran.

 The team has 8 more games left of the season, hoping to further improve their record down the stretch.