Lacrosse Falls to Edgewater after Colonial Win


The Lacrosse team huddles before their game against Lake Wales.

Andy Avila

   The lacrosse team played against Edgewater High School on February 28th with an ending score of 17-1.

   Edgewater was a challenging team to face due to the team being able to score off of open possession. “I was able to get the last face off goal which was very hard fought. They were the better team but I had a great play,” said senior Lucas Swinderman. “At that point we were losing pretty badly but wanted to go all the way to score one goal and make a play to see what happens.”

   The team’s first win of the season was against Colonial with a final score of 9-3. Their record is currently at 1-6. The team has 8 more upcoming games with their last game being on April 5th. 

 The lacrosse team was formed again this year, after a one year absence, with the new head coach James Nassar.