SOS! SZA Has Served Yet Again


SZA’s latest album ‘SOS’ released December 9th 2022.

Veronica Ramos, Staff Writer

After taking a five year music hiatus, SZA is back and better than ever, just having dropped her newest album SOS on December 9. After her last album Ctrl, which produced hits such as Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott), Normal Girl, and Broken Clocks, fans were eager to hear what was next for the up and coming artist. When SOS was announced, everyone expected it to be another phenomenal album and, to no one’s surprise, it was. SZA did not disappoint and delivered a superb album that exceeded all expectations.

While listening for the first time, I was in awe of how many different styles and sounds she incorporated. While primarily an R&B/soul album, SOS also has hints of rock, pop, and folk, making this the perfect album for anyone. Her versatility and her comfortability in her sound demonstrate a new musical maturity SZA has reached.

     On top of that, she features collaborations with some of today’s hottest music artists, such as Travis Scott, Phoebe Bridgers, and Don Toliver. After seeing Travis Scott was going to be on the album, I was instantly excited, for I had loved and listened to Love Galore, their last collaboration, when Ctrl first dropped. Open Arms, their newest collaboration on SOS, is just as amazing, as it is filled with the sweet contrast of SZA’s melodious, full voice and the dark tone of Scott’s sound. However, I was most excited for her song, Ghost in the Machine, with Phoebe Bridgers. I am one of her biggest fans and loved how her folk style mixed with SZA’s more pop/soulful style. Surprisingly, my favorite song out of all the collabs is Used, featuring Don Toliver. While I was never usually a fan of Don Toliver, this song caught me by surprise and quickly became one of my favorites overall.

SZA does not shy away from being vulnerable in her album, especially with Nobody Gets Me. This tearjerker is a stark contrast from the rest of SOS, making it the refreshing, slow ballad that SZA poured her heart into. One of my favorite songs, Kill Bill, also has a slower, more unique style, sounding ever-so heavenly. Only SZA can make singing about killing your ex sound angelic. However, she also definitely doesn’t shy away from her signature empowering baddie songs. I Hate U, Good Days, and Smoking on my Ex Pack all are about breaking away from toxic relationships/people and being petty about it, but they still bring the most fun vibes and the best energy to the listener.

Overall, SZA demonstrated immense growth with SOS, incorporating a plethora of new styles and sounds that have never been heard from her before. She put her all into that album and it clearly shows. The songs from SOS are already making big waves in the music industry, topping charts and breaking records. I can definitely see these becoming the songs of the new year as we head into 2023. This album is definitely worth a listen as it is a testament to the blooming future of SZA’s career.