Boys LaCrosse Finishes Season with Hard Losses and Memorable Wins


The lacrosse team was reformed after missing last year’s season.

Andy Avila

   The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team, which made a return after the absence of not having a season since 2019, ended the season with a record of 2-13 with their wins being against Colonial and Jones High School. 

     Despite the team having only a couple of members who have played lacrosse  the team was able to improve in every part of the game.“ I thought the team did well as they fought through adversity and continued to play hard all season, eventually winning two games. Those two wins are the most wins University lacrosse has had since 2019. Overall, it was a successful season,” said Coach James Nassar.

    Despite the lack of wins the lacrosse team was able to make new friends and had many new students join the team and learn to play a new sport.” I think it ended pretty well. I will definitely join next as I had a lot of fun playing with the team this year,” said freshman Parker Northcott. 

   The lacrosse team prepared for their game by watching films of the other teams and making a game plan based off of how they played. “I think the season went very well for being a new team, going from not having a program to winning multiple games isn’t an easy accomplishment,”  said junior Zachary Bird.

   The players found the moments on the field that made the season enjoyable. “ It felt awesome playing with a new team, new people, and new ways after not having a season in three years. One of my all time favorite moments this season is when scoring a face off goal with six people bashing me with their lacrosse sticks trying to prevent me from scoring,” said senior Lucas Swinderman.