Twisted Views on Twisted Love


“Twisted Love” is the first novel in the series.

Miranda Lucchesse

   Tiktok’s famous book series known as the “Twisted” series’ written by Ana Huang, kicks off with the first book Twisted Love. Tiktok subscribers started fanning over this book in 2022 with the series maintaining a large following in 2023 due to the franchise’s book editions.

   Twisted Love follows the story of protagonist Ava Chen, an aspiring photographer with suppressed trauma from the past and antagonist Alex Volkov, who has a revenge plan fueled by a tragic childhood.  The characters find themselves in a cliqued romance as Ava falls for her brother’s best friend.

   Due to Ava’s older overprotective brother Josh going away for a college, he decides to have his best friend Alex move in next to Ava to keep her safe. Despite Ava’s distaste for Alex,  she works hard to make an effort at being his friends, only to later find out they both have feelings for each other beneath the surface.

   The writing of Twisted Love was nothing short of average.  Although the plot is initially captivating with discovering characters’ past, it soon falls flat by focusing on details that relatively do not matter to the plot which is, overall, juvenile. The popularity of this series stems not from it being an exceptional story, but rather the R rated sexual content that is favored by readers, but contributes  nothing to the overall plot.

   Twisted Love is overall an easy reading allowing availability and inclusivity for any level of reader. With an easy writing style and limited plot, readers can enjoy a quick read that can grab their attention, but will leave them unsatisfied.