Participating in Internships Helps Advance Workforce Experience



Students participate in internships to advance workforce experience.

Miranda Lucchesse

   For students who are aware of what profession they will likely enter after college, there are internships available that will help these students gain experience in their chosen field.

   The internships available offer a wide-variety of experiences. One of the most notable is the Advent of Health interns. “I enjoy volunteering at Advent Health because it gives me hands- on experience with the career I plan on entering. I also love meeting new people and the hospital environment is always so kind and welcoming,“ said junior Arina Nemati.

     Due to the recent elections, UHS students who are interested in a career in politics have had the opportunity to work with the state legislature. These students have had the opportunity to work directly on a campaign and see the behind the scenes of how politics and campaigns often work. “As an intern with Ana Eskamani, I have the opportunity to personally engage with my district’s constituents and provide aid during their tribulations including tracking unemployment cases, and helping provide immigration services. Helping families overcome food/ house insecurity and aiding in establishing Florida’s first statewide diaper tax break,” said senior Keten Abebe.

     Students interested in computer science and engineering have had the opportunity to intern at DoD STARBASE with the National Center of Defense. “Getting to intern at STARBASE is a really good opportunity. It is an organization that helps introduce stem to fifth grade students. I want to go to school for computer science and one day be able to code simulations for the company,” said senior intern Daniel Vu.

     The vet program also provides work opportunities for students with animal experience with the organization Pet Alliance. These opportunities are presented in school and allow students to get hands-on experience in a real environment with animals. ”I was able to establish a program with the Pet Alliance that is essentially a neuter and spay clinic that also provides resources Wednesday and Saturday for discounted vaccinations, which is good for people who want to save money. Doing this internship allows students to get hands-on experience, which helps them decide if this is the career choice they are willing to make.” said Vet Assisting teacher Mrs.  Kim Acton.