Where The Crawdads Sing Film is a Worthy Adaptation


Director Reese Witherspoon brings the best selling novel to the big screen.

Miranda Lucchesse, Editor

Where the Crawdads Sing became a movie in the summer of 2022. The novel, by Delia Owens, follows the story of Kyra who grew up alone in the Marsh after being abandoned by her parents. After years of being alone and dealing with the prejudice of the townspeople, Kya is accused of murder and must face a jury who will determine her guilt or innocence The novel is an extraordinary coming of age book that follows the life of an outsider.

Directed by Reese Witherspoon, the film captures the essence of the book as it portrays the beauty and liveliness of the marsh. Throughout the movie it captures the realism of Kya and all other characters as well as the setting, accurately depicting the characters both physically and mentally. Actor Daisy Edgar- Jones is the perfect depiction of Kya’s looks and personality. Her acting was beautifully done, and it really sells the character’s story on the screen.

Through reading the book I found myself falling in love with not only Kya but the beauty of the marsh. When going to see the movie I was skeptical and doubted it would live up to my expectations, but it exceeded them completely. I found myself crying and laughing, much like I did in the book. This movie is absolutely beautiful.

Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has written a song named Carolina in honor of the movie adaptation. The song is beautiful and haunting just like the movie. The song however was not played in the movie and only in the credits which is unfortunate because I would have loved to have heard it played in the movie since it fits so perfectly.

Where the Crawdads Sing is good for anyone who wants to experience Kya’s story without reading the book. It is also perfect for readers who want just a little more of this beautiful story as it plays out upon their eyes. Overall the movie was a accurate depiction of the book and worth a watch that won’t frustrate die hard readers.