Go to Waterford and Launch into Some Fun


Waterford’s new attraction, Launch Family Entertainment Park, is a huge success.

 Launch Family Entertainment Park recently opened in Waterford Towers Shopping Center and has been a huge hit with the young people of Orlando. The initial impression of the building is very eye opening with a neon green and black theme throughout the park.  Visitors are first welcomed by extremely loud hip hop music and tons of commotion. 

   Launch offers a variety of activities for people of all ages, including bowling, arcades, laser tag, bounce zones, and more. They also incorporate bouncing to many activities throughout the park, with basketball being one example. They also had a pretty great shooting simulator game that made you feel like you were actually inside the game. Different activities vary though due to an age limit of 18 on who can jump. 

   The lines vary on what time you go, however a decent wait should be expected, especially around the evening time. When you check in you may be greeted by familiar faces, as lots of people who attend university and surrounding schools work there. The only con is you must be 18 or accompanied by an adult to sign the waiver to enter.

   Launch also offers a variety of options for dining. They have the best pizza reviews, which  are handmade and stone fired. They also offer fresh salad, wings, and assortmentment of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. They have desserts like ice cream and a dessert pizza with chocolate, bananas and whipped cream topping which was very delectable.

   The price range differs depending on what activities visitors want to participate in. Prices range from $39 to $25 and free add-ons to add onto your purchase. The highest price, $39, gives five picks of options of the 2 hour adventure pass, 1 hour of bowling, 40 arcade credits, 1 full court basketball, and 1 game of laser tag basically giving the full experience of Launch. The lowest cost $25 gives two options of the same activities as well.