Filming Fights Escalates Violence


Students who film fights are subject to disciplinary action.

Arina Nemati, Staff Writer

The problem of students videotaping fights on campus has been escalating and many students don’t realize there are
consequences for it. Recordings of fights have often been spread among students and posted to different social media outlets. School policy and punishments for fights vary depending on circumstance and the students’ cooperation. “Punishments vary depending on what happens; if stopped immediately and deleted, it may only result in PASS or maybe a warning. If it ends up on social media in any shape or form the student will receive a ten day suspension,” said Dean Mr. Patrick O’Donal.

Some students believe that recording fights could be helpful in circumstances where an individual sustains a serious
injury. However it has been found to be an unnecessary act of precaution. “ Recording fights is more of a hindrance as they
(students) tend to get in the way and hurt. The campus is already fully equipped with cameras and the only thing they do not pick up is audio, so it is not necessary to record.” said Officer Rivera.

Many students record fights for entertainment purposes and to spread it among friends. This was a common trend in the series of fights seen on campus on Friday the 15th.“Recording fights also causes other issues, such as inspiring more fights among kids. They think ‘oh well now I’m gonna go fight this kid because someone else did,” said O’Donal .

Some students agree with this notion that documenting fights only contributes to further violence on campus. “When kids
record fights at school they create more of an issue because it spreads the word about the fight and gets it more attention. Many kids may only even want to fight just so that it can be videotaped and spread, so they can gain some attention or popularity from it,” said sophomore Laura Daka.