Girls Tennis Ends with Boone at Districts


Sophomore Sylvia Smith competes against Oak Ridge early in their season.

Alyssia Ibanez

The Girls Tennis players ended their season on April 12, as the season progressed, players gained experience and more confidence in themselves and their play, but still faced challenges as they went.

     “Our season unfortunately ended early because we were all eliminated from the district tournament against Boone,” said coach Centoducati. The team faced opponents with more experience, which Centoducati hopes will be less of a factor next year. “The girls will be stronger next year with many players getting experience and because the new freshmen players will push them as well,” said Centoducati.

     Freshman Krishna Patel won her first round match against Colonial 6-0, but was eliminated at Boone High School by 0-8. “I believe our team did so much better compared to the beginning of our season. We had more wins, we still had a couple of challenges but overall we did really well,” said  Patel.

   With the season coming to an end, the players will focus on continuing to learn and grow as a team for next season. “We still need to work on team bonding and communication. We are very spread out and we just need to be more involved with each other and help each other,” said junior Alanna Land.