SGA Hosts Senior Olympics


Seniors competed in a variety of games for the olympics.

Andy Avila

   On Friday, April 21st, 10 teams competed against each other in a variety of fun and challenging events in UHS’s 2023 Senior Olympics.

    Each of the 10 teams consisted of 8 seniors – 4 boys and 4 girls. There were 10 field day activities and each team needed to work to get the highest score as a team.  “We had multiple events including a sand pit treasure hunt, a blindfolded wheelbarrow race, a dizzy potato sack race, hot dog eating contest,” said SGA member junior Logan Rehill.

   In addition to the games, seniors were also treated to food and drinks. “We had bags for the students that didn’t participate. For the food we had hot dogs, donuts, chips, and popsicles and also sold concessions,” said SGA sponsor Lindsey Buck.  “I was excited for this event because I was able to hang out with my friends while watching the game,” said senior Adrian Collado, who didn’t compete in the Senior Olympics, but participated by attending and watching them.

   The team that won the Senior Olympics was “Indominus Rex” led by Jaime Noel. “Winning first place was such a surprise and I was so ecstatic knowing that our team worked hard and won. Honestly, at first I wasn’t going to enter but throughout the year I want to remember my senior year by going and living my best life for my final year in school. I had such a great bond with my team and we worked together so easily. I wouldn’t change my team for another one,” said Leah Gonzalez, a member of the winning team. 

    While the event was designed to celebrate the quickly approaching last day of school for seniors, it also gave them the chance to participate in home healthy competition. “Everyone was hyped and had a walkout like the football players would have. To distinguish the teams they made team shirts that were the same color,” said Scheider. 

    The Senior Olympics was successful in making the student participants feel like their senior year was special.  “It was a lot of fun to do this event because I got to be there with my boyfriend and a lot of my friends and my team managed to get third place in the event,” said Jazymn Schneider.