JV Baseball Season Comes to an End


The JV Baseball Team huddles before their game.

   On April 4th, the JV baseball team ended their season with a loss against Hagerty 0-7.

   The losses were difficult, but he team stayed focused on their love of the game. “The season wasn’t that good, but overall it was fun playing with my teammates on the field,” said sophomore Mason Borjas.

   Coach Rummel was pleased to see his players compete and enjoyed getting to know them as athletes and helping them learn to compete.  “We can all work on every bit of our games, but seeing the kids in different aspects other than being students, is very fulfilling,” said Coach Rummel

   While the team struggled to compete, they kept themselves motivated and stayed positive. “Next season we can improve more skill-wise and work as a team, while still showing our good attitude towards the game,” said sophomore Alan Alvarez.  “We really didn’t do that good in this season but we can improve more skill-wise and work as a team.”