Sophomore Class Cabinet Pet Drive Seeks Supplies


Poster for the Pet Supplies Drive that lists what shelter the supplies are going to, the date that its happening, and a list of supplies that are eligible to donate.

Cricket Wainman, Writer

Sophomore Class Cabinet is hosting a school-wide drive for pet supplies from Monday, March 27 to Friday, April 28th benefiting the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. The supplies they will be accepting include: pet food, pet toys, treats, paper towels, baby wipes, laundry detergent, and more.
Vice President of Sophomore Class Cabinet, Alana White, introduced the idea to host the pet drive due to the need for supplies. “We were coming up with ways to fundraise and we decided why not do a pet drive, only because we know a lot of people who need help have dogs and animals,” said White.
Getting the word out about the drive is important and will hopefully help raise awareness while spreading unity through the popular cause. “The point of having these drives is bringing the classes together and making us all more school spirited,” stated Autumn Johnson, President.
Cabinet members used social media and donation boxes in classrooms to help spread word of the drive. “A post I would typically make is made up of information about the event or the spirit week, the point is to get people excited for stuff like the pet drive,” said Kylie McCluskey, Social Media Advisor.
Sophomore Class Cabinet plans to do more events like this next year for different charities or events specifically to raise school spirit like spirit weeks.