UHS Dance Company Lights it Up at Skyra


Members of the Dance Magnet performed at Skyra Studios.

Jadon Ware

    On March 31st, University High School’s dance company performed at Skyra Studios, giving them the opportunity to showcase their dance piece that they have been working on, while also exciting the dancers to perform at a place they hear so much about.

   The UHS dance company team was invited to Skyra Studios to present a dance piece that they have been readily prepared for, and that calmed the pre-performance jitters for many. “Preparing for the performance wasn’t stressful or hard at all because we have been working on the piece for a while so we really were just cleaning and making sure it looked good! During the day of the show I always get a little nervous just like knowing everyone is going to be watching but when I’m on stage that all goes away and I feel good about my dancing,” said dancer Aubrey Mikitka.

   Skyra Studios is a recreational center which involves many forms of art, including acting, dance, filmmaking, etc. It is well known amongst those who are involved with any of these forms of art, so it was a great opportunity for dancers to be able to perform a piece they have worked on for a couple months now at somewhere that they have heard so much about.“ Ms.Mele gives us ample time to really perfect our pieces. We were the only school invited to this performance, so we all felt very grateful to be performing with such a well known studio,” said UHS dancer Alexandra Jones.

   Included in the performance were pieces from both dance teacher Elise Mele and Jones, of which received great reception amongst the students “We performed a piece by our dance teacher Elise Mle and then we also performed another piece by one of our students Alexandra Jones. I think for me the performance went really well, and I had a lot of fun doing it, and I think everyone else did too, and it’s just a great opportunity for us to be able to perform at Skyra,” said dancer Savannah Russell.