Helping the Homeless Provide 10,0000 Meals


Students in Helping the Homeless work together to create jambalaya bags.

Andy Avila, Staff Writer

  The Helping the Homeless Club hosted a successful event on January 31st, in hope of feeding 10,000 families in need of food and clothes. 

   The U.S Hunger organization provided the food while the Helping the Homeless volunteers worked to package the ingredients for a jambalaya pack. “This allows our members to obtain more community service hours. I got the idea from my church and thought it was a perfect project that fit our club mission,” said sponsor Jaime Tremaine.

   UHS hosted the event in the cafeteria with U.S Hunger which is a non profit organization. “The Helping the Homeless club was formed last year and it has been really cool to be able to do more things to contribute this year than what we did last year,” said senior Nicholas Baseer.

   The group filled 10,080 bags of jambalaya. “We just want to provide as many meals to the community as we can. I wanted to join the Helping the Homeless club to make a positive impact on the people that I can help during these events,” said senior Anna Torres.

   The club creates a friendly environment that is dedicated to helping people in need. “The atmosphere is very nice actually. Everyone seems to be very dedicated and serious about helping the less fortunate,” said senior Wennie Zhang. 

  Making the event come to life is difficult due to the amount of coordination it takes to plan these types of events. “I feel very overwhelmed when we do big events like our most recent US hunger collaboration. The officers and I did a lot of planning, promoting, and calling the organization to schedule the time and date to host this even,” said Zhang. 

   The club, which was created last year, has been able to realize the goals that they have set for making a difference in the community. “I definitely plan to keep it going for a long while. We are hoping to have another event later this year. These events aren’t too hard to plan because my officers are amazing at what they do,” said Tremaine.