A Royal Controversy Worth Watching


Pamela Almonte, Staff Writer

On December 8th, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex released their first documentary on Netflix.  

    The “Harry and Meghan” Netflix series, while amassing millions of views, has earned negative reviews for the first three episodes attacking Britain’s notorious tabloid media for invading their privacy and some coverage that traded in racist tropes. Seems like some people did not like the documentary.

   Prince Harry and Meghan use the documentary to further explain why they stepped down as senior royals in the royal family nearly two years ago because they were both frustrated that Buckingham Palace stopped them developing their “Sussex Royal” brand. Also, they were crumbling under incessant negative media coverage that included an intimate letter between Meghan and her estranged father published in the Daily Mail.

 This documentary was surprising because at the beginning of the series, Harry and Meghan reveal their secret’s courtship and discuss how they came to form the deep love that they have for one another.  In one of the episodes, Harry discusses the royal family’s reaction to the media harassment Meghan faced after his relationship with her was made public, stating that the royal family treated Meghan differently and didn’t believe she should receive extra protection.

    The documentary included many interviews with family and friends who’ve never spoken publicly about the couple’s relationship before, as well as historians discussing the roles and responsibilities of the members of the royal family. Director Liz Garbus does a great job on setting this Netflix series up for people to understand the experience of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the royal family. 

   The final episodes include the Duchess of Sussex’s claim that the royal family fed her “to the wolves,” but some critics have had their fill of the couple’s account. Many people think that this documentary is controversial and problematic because they were stating the truth about their privacy and inside Buckingham Palace. I was in shock while watching because they mentioned how it was impossible for them to be together at the beginning of their dating life because of the British tabloids invading their privacy. But the final episodes delivered less sappy romance and more of what royal watchers were waiting for: that was about the precipitated public break with their family. 

This Netflix Series was definitely worth watching because of all the details Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex revealed is interesting for those people that want to know more about the Royals.