Spring Breakers, Meet New Smyrna Police Officers


New Smyrna Beach issued a new curfew after multiple complaints from residents on the “spring break invasion”.

Ale Lossing

   Throughout spring break, thousands of teenagers flooded New Smyrna Beach and were met with hundreds of police officers monitoring for criminal activity and a curfew.

  Prior to spring break Interim Chief of New Smyrna Beach Police Eric Feldman issued a warning to spring breakers on social media. “Spring break for Central Florida schools is quickly approaching, and as a result, we’ve had to make some changes. In an effort to continue to cultivate the beachside, friendly, welcoming, and safe town that we’re known for, you’re going to see an increased law enforcement presence this year.” The move for increased officer presence was aimed to deter unwanted behavior such as underage vaping, underage drinking, vandalism, and drug usage.

  According to Click Orlando, more than 70 people were arrested at New Smyrna during spring break. “We did have quite a few arrests, quite a few felony arrests, but we found that a lot of that was people coming in town to benefit off of all the kids here for spring break. We caught three different drug dealers, caught a stolen car, and there were two guns confiscated. That type of criminality is really what I’m after and I consider that people coming into town to prey on spring breakers,” said Feldman.

  The city issued a new curfew for anyone under the age of 18 to be inside by 11pm if not accompanied by a parent. The result of the new issued curfew worked out better than what the police expected. “We didn’t have any pushback from kids that were here in town. Honestly, by 10:30, they were gone,” said Feldman. 

  Many teens became surprised when they learned that lifeguards would be going through people’s coolers and cars to try to find alcohol or drugs. “Spring break was really hectic at New Smyrna. There were people getting arrested. Officers and lifeguards were going through peoples’ coolers and cars and making people dump out their drinks,” said junior Marissa Ritz.