Orchestras Prepares for Spring MPA


Members of the orchestra practice under the conduction of Ms. Lisa Coyne.

Dayanara Tinajero, Staff Writer

   The Orchestra Department rehearsed its Pre-MPA program for audiences on February 7 as they prepared for their spring evaluations.

   Members of the orchestra have been working to prepare for the Pre-MPA where they will learn where their strengths and weaknesses lie in their performances. “We are judged and told what we need to work on for the actual Pre-MPA which is in the upcoming month,” said freshman Anna Braz.

   The orchestra thought they needed more time preparing for their Pre-MPA and were nervous about it. “I feel a little nervous performing in front of them and having to be judged,” said freshman Daniel Huang.

   The orchestra will be judged on an Excellence Superior, Good, Fair, and Poor rating scale. “We earned a Good rating at the Pre-MPA, but the Good rating does not really mean good so we definitely need to improve,” said freshman Marianna Gomez.

    Improvement is something the orchestra sees themselves working towards to prepare for the official MPA that happens on March 9th.  “We will be working on the intonation and getting the articulation the same across the entire piece,” said freshman Reese Marcum.

   In order to be prepared for the March evaluation, the musicians will be adding time to their rehearsal schedule. “We are putting more time after and during classes to improve our performance” said orchestra teacher Mis Coyne.